Window Film Vs Traditional Blinds

Deciding between installing window film or blinds might be a matter of personal preference, but when you compare their value in energy efficiency and protection, you can make an informed decision that will benefit you in the long run.

Solar Heat Gain

Blinds can be effective at blocking sunlight and reducing incoming heat when they are light-coloured and lowered or closed completely. Some styles though, especially darker shades, can actually absorb and trap solar heat and expel it into a room.

Because window film reflects sunlight before it enters the building, it can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat and absorb much of the remaining heat that isn’t reflected. Additionally, some window films have insulating properties, providing year-round savings by reducing heat loss through window glass when outdoor temperatures are colder, lowering energy bills.

Glare Reduction

When direct sunlight causes glare on TV or computer screens, blinds allow you to block or redirect light. This also means rooms are darker and more interior lighting is required to account for the loss of natural light, therefore energy usage and cost is increased.

Window film controls excessive brightness and prevents glare without blocking your view, which also helps to increase wellbeing and mood.

UV Protection

Natural light is beneficial to wellbeing however the sun’s UV rays can be damaging to people and furnishings. Harmful UV radiation that filters in through windows can cause skin damage and cancer as well as increase premature fading on fabrics, furniture and flooring. Depending on their material, window blinds may not block UV rays effectively and can actually fade or crack from sun exposure. In contrast, window film blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays to provide safe, natural light.


Some businesses need to provide a level of privacy for their patrons and many homeowners do not want exposed windows that display their valuables. Window blinds will block onlookers, but the loss of natural light and views can be displeasing. The reflective properties of window film allow you to see outside during the day, but no one can see inside.


Blinds may block some shattering glass from projecting into a room, but window film makes windows more durable – if someone or something breaks the glass, the film helps keep the window intact so broken pieces do not enter a building and cause personal injury.

Depending on your needs, when compared to traditional window blinds, you may find window film a better solution for energy saving and protection. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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