Creating Inspiring Office Interiors With Window Film

The fact of the matter is that most of the population worldwide work in an office. A nine to five corporate job is just about the status quo for a good percentage of the whole work force. Considering the amount of time we all spend in the office, shouldn’t it be a prerequisite to have a fun and creative office space?

Now if you can’t afford to give your office a dramatic revamp, why not try something a little simpler. Companies are finding more and more ways to inspire their workforce and this is something we can help with…

Brighten up your office with window film

Making your office space light, quirky, neat and relaxed can go a long way in ensuring that you and your employees don’t dread coming into a mundane, boring office every day.

It can be difficult coming up with ideas to add a little sparkle to the office space but have you considered the possibilities of window film? With coloured tints, frosted patterns, decorative designs and combined with bespoke graphics, window film can not only be used on windows but for manifestation on glass partitioning and offers additional benefits such as glass safety…

Landscape wall murals & window Film

Window films are not just great for the environment; they can also be awesome to look at. If your office has a less than average view then consider changing it to a bespoke window film design with your ideal landscape printed on it. Bespoke window film can ensure the whole office is looking out at a beautiful landscape instead. If your office doesn’t have windows, why not consider faking it with a landscape wall mural of with an inspiring view?

Your walls are a blank canvas, so why settle for just plain walls?

Productivity blossoms when you’re inspired by your surroundings, a plain office is hardly the most motivating canvas… We can print virtually any image of your choice and we can even apply vinyl graphics and murals onto almost any surface. Or alternatively, how about a whiteboard wall where employees can express their own ideas?

Be creative with wayfinding graphics

Why use traditional wayfinding signs around the workplace when you can be creative and save space with colourful wayfinding graphics instead? Consider placing graphics on walls, glass and even on the floor…

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination… If your organisation needs to improve comfort, security, safety, or ambiance, we have the solution  – Contact us today!

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